Frequently Asked Questions

Which telecom operator can I work with?

VoXX Cloud Voiceworks independently from any telecom operator. That is one of many advantages of the VoXX Cloud Voice solution. You can continue to work with your current operator or with any telecom operator of your choice.

Do I require mobile device form a specific vendor?

VoXX Cloud Voice services work perfectly well in combination with the most popular smartphone platforms. For more info, check our Devices & Clients section.

Does VoXX Cloud Voice also provide hardware?

No, we do not. VoXX Cloud Voice provides a service and a limited amount of software (Softphone Client for PC and Mobile Client for smartphone). If you need telecom hardware like IP Phones or other IP connectivity devices, please check with your VoXX Cloud Voice Partner.

Can I migrate my infrastructure to the cloud, even if my financing contract for my PBX telephone system hasn't expired?

We always advise you to check the fees you are liable to pay in case of early termination of your current PBX financing contract. Find out which option is the most profitable, before you move to the cloud. Your VoXX partner can assist you with this.

Where is the infrastructure hosted?

The VoXX Cloud Voice infrastructure is hosted in European carrier-grade data centers and are build to deliver a 99,99% uptime.

Which technology is VoXX Cloud Voice using?

We have built our solution based on the award winning Telepo technology platform. Telepo has been working for many years on developing and fine-tuning its technology architecture. They have also implemented a number of cloud communication solutions worldwide.

Can I test a Service before purchasing?

Yes, you can. However, there are some restrictions. Your VoXX Cloud Voice Partner is happy to give you a full demonstration, but you are also welcome to test the services in one of the VoXX Cloud Voice Experience Centers (see Contact). Contact your VoXX Cloud Voice Partner for more information.

I have a tablet and a smartphone. Do I need one license for each?

No, you do not. Contrary to other providers, VoXX Cloud Voice activates the license per user, not per device. Yet another advantage of the VoXX Cloud Voice solution!

How do I know which functions I currently have on my PBX system or which functions are most suitable for the people in my company?

The VoXX Cloud Voice Partner will be happy to assist you with this.

What is the contract term?

VoXX Cloud Voice services are supplied with contract terms of 12, 36 or 60 months. The monthly subscription fee decreases as the duration of the contract increases. It is up to you to choose the most favourable option.

Will my company see its costs cut by moving to the cloud?

Definitely. Check the benefits of Cloud Voice here and discover to what extent your company will save money.

Skype also offers cloud communication service. In what way is VoXX Cloud Voice different?

Skype is a best-effort service and does not replace your PBX telephone system. VoXX brings your entire telecom infrastructure to the cloud, providing considerably more functions and capabilities. Moreover, with Skype you cannot chose which telecom operator you work with in order to get the best tariff deal for your communications. 

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