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Computers and mobile phones are increasingly becoming the preferred enterprise working tools. Professional integration of these devices with the communication network provides enterprises with improved business efficiency and team collaboration, faster decision-making and better control of communication costs. VoXX Softphone+™ and VoXX Phone Assistant™, for Mac and PC, provide a dedicated communication environment specifically for business users and attendants working within the office or remotely. These award winning applications deliver an excellent user experience and provide a professional working environment for communication services such as telephony, advanced directory search, click-to-dial, SMS, IM, real time line state and presence based intelligent call routing.

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VoXX Mobile+ iOS & VoXX Mobile+ Android

Mobile phone users immediately took the smartphone to their hearts and with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 the market skyrocketed. Consumers loved the revolutionary user experience and the ability to use their fingertips when navigating and communicating. The modern smartphone is so much more than a mobile phone; it is a small computer with wireless connectivity and communication capabilities. This makes it the perfect communication tool for many professional users and when it is combined with VoXX Mobile+ they are powered by VoXX Business Communication Solution. VoXX Mobile+ delivers unified business communication services such as instant messaging, directory search, presence, line state and cost control services all on a smartphone. It is also an excellent branding platform for Service Providers that want to connect their delivered value with their own brand.

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VoXX Solution Description

VoXX Business Communication Solution 3.6 – Software for Business Communication as a Service. The award winning VoXX Business Communication Solution™ (BCS) enables you to get ahead in the enterprise market by offering advanced business communication as a Service. The solution delivers a user-centric experience that seamlessly integrates mobile and fixed communication, Voice over IP and existing enterprise voice infrastructure. It enables knowledge workers to cooperate efficiently in a global, multi-media and real-time environment.

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